November 2019: EXHIBITION: Sheroes

London, England – November 18th, 2019

The Mother Art Revisited collective is extremely proud to be a part of Sheroes–Revoluciones at Ugly Duck in London, England.  This groundbreaking exhibition will take place from November 22nd – 24th, 2019.

From the Sheroes press release:

(Download the full press release PDFs here and here).

“LONDON, 5th November 2019 – Lon-art present Sheroes–Revoluciones, an art project designed to draw attention to violence against women*. The series will kick off with the Sheroes–Revoluciones exhibition at Ugly Duck on November 22 – 24, providing a platform for artists, survivors and change-makers. 

Sheroes–Revoluciones is inspired by the staggering statistics that show how women are potential and real victims of violence in our society (domestic abuse, rape/sexual assault, revenge porn, gender pay gap among others): – 1 in 3 women (worldwide) have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lives.** – 2019 (UK) 1,300,000 women suffered domestic violence*** – 2017 (UK) 139 women died as a result of male violence**** Sheroes–Revoluciones aims to visualise this social issue, using the arts to express, reflect, prevent and heal involving different social agents. 

The Sheroes–Revoluciones exhibition on November 22 – 24 will include 30 female artists who will share their artwork and stories about topics including domestic violence, female objectification, motherhood, rape, FGM, sex trafficking, tech violence. Working across performance, crafts and visual arts in a range of media, artists include Maria Maria Acha-Kutscher, Rachel Gadsden, Rachelle Romeo, Michaela Haynes, Farnoush Amini and Chicago-based collective Mother Art: Revisited.”


September 2019: EXHIBITION: re : birth – Members Show |Spilt Milk 2019

Edinburgh, Scotland – September 28th, 2019

The Mother Art Revisited collective is thrilled to be a part of re : birth – Members Show with Spilt Milk Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This second annual exhibition will take place from September 28th – October 12th, 2019.

From the re : birth press release:

“This year’s theme;  (‘rebirth’ or ‘regarding birth’) has resulted in a diverse collection of work across all media forms exploring representations of birth and the maternal body, contemporary narratives of the mother and child relationship, abstract reflections on the domestic realm as well as work exploring adoption, loss and the cycle of life.

Our poster image features Josie McCoy’s 1997 painting ‘The Birth’ inspired by the cover of Chumbawamba’s 1994 album ‘Anarchy’ which was subsequently banned in several countries for being too explicit. Imagery of birth, breastfeeding and artwork which explores representations of the female body are still continually censored or removed from social media. This exhibition not only challenges the censorship of the maternal experience but presents an honest and multifaceted account of what it means to be a mother in today’s world. The intimate fleeting moments, the fear and anxiety, the physical demands and the shift in identity; this exhibition is a powerful testament to the birth of a mother.

As part of the exhibition, and recreated specifically for re:birth, we will also be presenting ’Interruptions’ a multi media installation by Mother Art Revisited, an American and Canadian collective of women artists dedicated to creating socio-political art.”


July/August 2019: EXHIBITION: Interruptions

CHICAGO, IL – July 13th, 2019

Mother Art Revisited will have its second major group exhibition at Hairpin Arts Center (2810 N. Milwaukee Avenue) in Chicago.  Please join us for the opening reception on Wednesday, July 31st from 6 – 9 PM, as well as our workshop, performances, and screening.

MotherArt: Revisited is a Chicagobased collective that spreads its roots cross-country and is setting precedent in the way mother artists are collaborating and working remotely to create art that is unique, educational and inspiring. We strive to address the social-political issues that mothers face today. We aim to interrupt and intervene through installations, exhibition, and written work.

For frequent exhibition updates, see our Facebook event page.



Mother Art is back! A new generation of Mother Art is making waves and these mothers insist on being heard.

CHICAGO, IL – March 14, 2018 –Mother Art, a collective of mother artists formed in the 1970’s, served as a platform to highlight the social and political issues that mothers faced. Unfortunately, these issues continue to be relevant to a new generation of mothers. As a result, during the summer of 2017 a group of artists from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Low-Residency MFA program came together to form Mother Art: Revisited. “As mother artists we strive to represent and support mothers’ voices through art”, said Jenny Keyser a Mother Art: Revisited member.

Recently, the Mother Art: Revisited collective showed their first collaborative installation at “Collaborative Collisions” a pop-up exhibit at C.C.’s Art Gallery and Garage in Chicago. Their installation, “Interruption”, features work that focuses on interrupting the status quo. “We are very encouraged with this first installation and look forward to creating many more “Interruptions” to amplify the individual mother’s voice”, Jenny continued, “as a collective we bring diverse approaches and perspectives toward protecting women’s health and livelihood”.

The piece includes a wall-size video projection of a running washing machine and clothes-lines from which individual Mother Art pieces hang that reference the title “Interruption”. In addition, there is a spoken manifesto and a mother’s voiced concern playing on a loop. The installation creates an immersive experience that draws the viewer in to the voices represented.

Mother Art: Revisited strives to interrupt and intervene through installations, exhibitions and written work. Look for a collection of Mother Art: Revisited poetry to be unveiled this summer.